Blazing Kitchen offers catering and craft services to the film and music video industries and for corporate events. We've been in business since 1991, and have since worked with hundreds of major motion pictures and television shows.

Donnie Blais (Chef/Owner, Pictured Left) A music impresario, nightclub owner and overall mover and shaker in the music industry, Donnie always dreamed of owning a Mexican restaurant. That dream came true for him in the late nineties when he opened Rancho Relaxo on College St. in downtown Toronto. Here he would hone his culinary skills and live out his chef/restaurateur reverie. It was through Rancho that his first opportunity to cater a music video launched him into the film catering industry. Intrigued by this specialized catering business, he quickly found himself on film and video sets all over the Toronto area. Many years later, Blazing Kitchen is a favourite among film industry crews and famous for the fresh flavour filled meals we provide.